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Windows Live Messenger is one of the most used IM programs all around the world and there are lots of plugins which power up your IM experience, Messenger Slideshow is one of them and it can help you customize your MSN Messenger avatar.

Thanks to Messenger Slideshow you'll be able to set different pictures

Messenger Slideshow allows you to use a random picture from your images folder, a screenshot from your desktop or the album art of the music you are currently listening as your Messenger picture.

Its interface is simple but effective, so you only have to choose the image you want to show and it will do the rest.

How to install Messenger Slideshow:

Open Windows Live Messenger options and select the Add-ins tab.

Select the file C:Program FilesPmccMessenger SlideshowMessengerSlideshow.AddIn.dll

Configure Messenger Slideshow by clicking on ‘Settings…’

Click Turn on ‘Messenger Slideshow’ and make sure the Windows Media Player ‘Blogging Plugin' is enabled

Power up your Messenger experience.
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